We build more than houses. We build dreams.

Leonce Cormier and his team at Comfort Home Builders are committed to excellence in all their projects. This dedication shines through from the construction of personalized homes to superior customer service that starts from the first visit and continues long after the clients have taken residence in their new home.

They build only new, custom homes and these have ranged from 1500 to 10,000 square feet in size. They provide their clients with a turnkey experience with the interior and exterior fully completed before they exit the premises. Leonce is a builder who happily works with his client’s decorators and designers.


Leonce describes himself as a low volume builder, preferring to work with only 6 to 10 clients a year. He does not design the homes, but he works closely with his clients’ designers or architects.

He is adamant that the client should enjoy the building process with him and to feel part of their new home in the making.


To say the thought of starting our first custom-built home was daunting...that’s an understatement. Building our home has been an incredible and exciting process. Comfort Home Builders, headed by Leonce Cormier, treated us equally and fairly, and they encouraged our input, fostering an open, honest relationship. Our home was finished ahead of schedule with minimal issues.

- Dr. Tim Wallace and Dr. Kate Randall
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