We build more than houses. We build dreams.
About Us


Founded by Leonce Cormier in 1991, Comfort Home Builders Ltd. has grown from humble beginnings to become an enviable and authentic force in the New Brunswick home building industry.

The company is known for its stellar reputation for quality workmanship, exceptional service, and a customer rapport that is second to none.



The team builds relationships as well as homes and they are collectively known for their preference for perfection.

In the last two decades the company has contributed substantially to the residential sector in southeastern New Brunswick.

Attention to detail and an open relationship with its network of local sub-contractors and suppliers are the qualities that have made for a seamless operation in producing a quality product with which the customer can be truly satisfied.



Founder and owner Leonce Cormier, a Moncton native, is far more interested in the quality of the homes he builds than the number of them.

He is totally committed to his customers to the extent that he gives them his cell phone number and asks them to call him anytime, night or day, if they want to talk about the project.

He says the secret of his success is not just his consideration of his customers, but also his excellent relationship with his suppliers, sub-contractors and workers.

“I count on all my employees and sub-contractors as partners in my business,” he says with firm conviction.

Leonce has served as past president of the Greater Moncton Home Builders Association and the New Brunswick Home Builders Association as well as chairman of the Atlantic Home Warranty Program.

He built his first home in 1987 even while he was still working at another trade. He knew immediately that he had found his passion and the line that blends work and everything else a person does was forever blurred. 





“I don’t have other hobbies; my work is what I want to do,” he says.

But he also knew that he wanted to build special, custom homes, not cookie cutter designs or renovations.

He continued to explore home building, then finally went into the business full time and formed Comfort Home Builders in 1991.

“I’ve always been interested in building things but when I built my first home I found that I really enjoyed the work. I wanted to do custom building.”

Leonce says his strength is his excellent crew whose members share his values and work ethic.

 “Most of them have been with me the whole 20 years, so we work very well together,” he added.


Leonce Cormier is a pleasure to work with because he is an artist, not just a home builder. He delights in building homes that meet the individual needs and personality of each of his clients.

- Rene Claude Roy, Design Plus
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